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materials & tools


 A template table and the right tools make module building go smooth.

4' x 4' module


This module is useful when you need a landing on a long straight ramp that exceeds 30 feet.

4' x 8' module


This module is the most common one when doing long ramps.

4' x 10' module


When the 4' x 8' will not quite do the job this one may be your answer.


5' x 5.5' MODULE

This one is a little different but useful when building a landing at the door there the ramp turns and parallels the structure.

5' x 5' module


When you need a landing to make a turn this may to the job.  Two of these together can make a good "U" turn.


The module that connects the ramp to the ground is special.  It normally will be built on site, the framing is on the top and bottom plus has things done differently to attach handrails.

The surface that the person lands on when leaving the ramp must be taken into consideration also. 


If you have any good ideas about building ramps &/or pictures that would be useful here please send them to us at  Thanks for all your support to the disabled.